The Main Ingredient is Courage

Sent 10/13/19 to Utah Senator Mitt Romney

Mitt, what is it you have that other Republicans don’t?
A spine?
GOP respect?
A disdain for Kool-Aid?

The rest forget the recipe for
a great nation. They artificially sweeten
hate with a cup of lies,
then stir themselves yellow for
Double-Agent Orange.

In 2016, the forgotten blue collared
begged God for a prophet
but instead got modern Saul.
The flock sees the bloody paws but
believe their wolf shepherd.
Oh the end is nigh!
Cast an impeachment vote into the sole
soulless swine before the whole herd falls
off the cliff.

Listen at the buzz all around Mitt —
this isn’t the sound of news spin, it’s flies,
and the people refuse to sleep sound
like a maggot in the constitution’s slit throat.
Vote country above party. America’s future
should not pass like a funeral procession.
Convince your fellow senators to confront
the bawling, diapered tyrant.
One must muster a mustard grain of
courage to change
his whine back to water.

George Pierce