Letter from the Statue

Sent 10/04/19 to Dr. Mark Green, congressman for Tennessee’s 7th District and Senator Mitch McConnell

my legs straddle two Americas.
I’m no gymnast to keep from
careening Atlantic while
your constituent tectonics quake
and the continent splits.

I speak for myself, but you don’t
listen, it’s as if you’re afraid of
foreign women in long garments.
I’m no dummy, yet all have hands up
my skirt like some sick ventriloquists
to cast my voice to podcasts and
disinformation camps. they’re busy
retweeting what I’ll never
say or stand for while my hands still
spell unity with a Gordian knot.

one man (if dogs are to be men)
lifts his leg beside the golden door,
he saws the tie that binds to form
a noose. ah, Frost warned nothing
gold would stay, Yeats too,
the center would not hold.

by God, if there is some
great divorce, if I must
choose between two homes,
I ask you now as Solomon before:
when I cut our child of some
two hundred and forty years,
will you accept your bloodied portion?

Dear Dr. Green,

Truth is not a shouting match. Trump’s words and behavior divide the country and families (like mine). We cannot continue to drink this poison and still have strength to step into the future; us with children know to lock up hazardous chemicals. Our children should not inherit the crumbs of a toxic nation, a nation inspired to hate everyone they feel at odds. I beg you (as one American to another) to intervene by whatever means necessary. There is good in you and you sense the greater circumstances at stake.

The head vampire must go.

J. L. Pugh