Letter from the Statue

Sent 10/04/19 to Dr. Mark Green, congressman for Tennessee’s 7th District and Senator Mitch McConnell

my legs straddle two Americas.
I’m no gymnast to keep from
careening Atlantic while
your constituent tectonics quake
and the continent splits.

I speak for myself, but you don’t
listen, it’s as if you’re afraid of
foreign women in long garments.
I’m no dummy, yet all have hands up
my skirt like some sick ventriloquists
to cast my voice to podcasts and
disinformation camps. they’re busy
retweeting what I’ll never
say or stand for while my hands still
spell unity with a Gordian knot.

one man (if dogs are to be men)
lifts his leg beside the golden door,
he saws the tie that binds to form
a noose. ah, Frost warned nothing
gold would stay, Yeats too,
the center would not hold.

by God, if there is some
great divorce, if I must
choose between two homes,
I ask you now as Solomon before:
when I cut our child of some
two hundred and forty years,
will you accept your bloodied portion?

Dear Dr. Green,

Truth is not a shouting match. Trump’s words and behavior divide the country and families (like mine). We cannot continue to drink this poison and still have strength to step into the future; us with children know to lock up hazardous chemicals. Our children should not inherit the crumbs of a toxic nation, a nation inspired to hate everyone they feel at odds. I beg you (as one American to another) to intervene by whatever means necessary. There is good in you and you sense the greater circumstances at stake.

The head vampire must go.

J. L. Pugh

Received 10/31/2019 from Dr. Mark Green

Dear Mr. Pugh:

Thank you for contacting me about the House Democrats ongoing attempt to impeach the President. It is an honor to represent the people of Tennessee’s Seventh Congressional District, and I appreciate the opportunity to learn your thoughts on this issue.

The American people sent us to Congress to represent them, but Speaker Pelosi has decided on a closed-door, one-sided impeachment process in an attempt to undo the 2016 election. They failed to make the case for impeachment with the Mueller investigation, and this is just the latest rationale that they have pounced on.

The Constitution gives the power of impeachment to the House of Representatives as a whole – not to the Speaker of the House. Impeachment is the most extreme remedy that our Constitution provides for removing someone from office, and Speaker Pelosi decided to initiate this process without taking a vote until over a month in. Democrat staff have even barred some duly-elected Members of Congress from entering impeachment hearings and depositions.

Representative democracy does not work this way. Members of Congress represent the people through voting. Instead, we have one person who has decided to start an impeachment inquiry without allowing the people of Tennessee to have a voice in the matter.

Furthermore, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, openly made up a false version of a phone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian President during a committee hearing, later trying to excuse his action as a “parody” of the call. Impeachment is one of the most serious constitutional powers of Congress, and it should not be treated lightly. I have signed on to Congressman Andy Biggs’ motion to condemn and censure Chairman Schiff for his dishonest conduct in this matter.

I stand with President Trump. Speaker Pelosi should restore the House to doing the people’s work instead of these endless investigations.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your comments and opinions are a vital source of information to assist me in carrying out my duties as your representative in Congress. Please visit my website at www.markgreen.house.gov, where you can sign up for my newsletter updates and learn more about my work in Congress on your behalf.


Mark E. Green, M.D.
Member of Congress

Sent 11/01/2019 to Dr. Mark Green, congressman for Tennessee’s 7th District

Dear Dr. Green,

Thank you for affirming receipt of my concern.  I’m sorry to hear you named as accomplice in this continued mugging of truth.  This stilted stance will wobble with each new sloppily Sharpied defense, for the playbook reads like emergency flight procedure, not landing checklist.  A majority of Americans feel the House is doing the people’s work, but how can you represent me when we don’t even meet eye level?  You may stand with Trump, but realize that implies, you too, are below the integrity, decorum, and dignity required of office and I’m sure that isn’t true of you.   

I realize it is futile to attack each of your arguments to reveal those no longer valid and those mere hyperbole; for you and I are one-sided coins and could both give a flip.  I’ve lived through many presidents and thought the worst gone, but now see the reaper was just a crank caller — all this time, he’s been scheming, greedy for our unborn. Trump’s recent tweet is correct, we do know who the latest leader of ISIS is: him; for I’ve never felt more terrified for my children’s future or my country’s, never more terrorized by one man’s lack of moral and ethical standing or compassion.   Dr. Green, we can’t all be heroes, but some of us can at least be men.  All I request, is when the Yea meets the Nay, to consider if your decision was purely influenced by evidence or someone’s election.   Can you make this promise?

You mention that “representative democracy does not work this way,” but when is the last time you felt it worked at all?  Even the East greets the West at every point on a globe, but one no longer finds common ground in this anthill; then comes Don dumping the diesel… This country is well on its way to being carved like a Thanksgiving turkey, so we’d soon better get down to the final family dinner and decide which child gets that last dollop of gravy, because the broken bones are hard, sharp and that is all we saved our kids.   Rather than express these thoughts to you, I’d just move, but my true country of origin doesn’t yet exist.  For now, you can have the red stripes and I’ll take the white.  The Great Experiment didn’t fail, the scientists just got tired of yelling facts and figures to a wall.  Though I do not shout at you but to say “hi” from afar, my words are far from comfort — they come for you like kudzu.  One day you may open your mouth to find these very vines fall out. 


J. L. Pugh