Pardon while we brush the worms off

I’m not sure where to start…we almost ended.  frak\ture temporarily died and was buried. Duotrope presided as coroner. The funeral was a single email without even a flower, skull, or coffin emoji.  Blame J. L.

How fitting that the number four is incredibly unlucky and synonymous with death in certain Asian cultures—we had no fourth issue on December 2020. The worst part of our status over the last few months was how we frustrated several wonderful people that tried to submit or contact us about a submission status: we never responded to their inquiries. 

We offer our sincerest apologies to all.  We can’t right any wrongs, but we can at least write everyone. Starting from today, we’ve opened submissions for a June 2021 issue.  Also, please give us two weeks from now to respond to your previous inquiries. Please contact us again if you don’t receive a response by March 8th.

It’s good to be alive.

Right-on, write on,
J. L. 

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