Welcome to June 2020

Due to all of the amazing poets that shared their work, we can now unveil our third issue! frak\ture thanks all of the contributing poets and were encouraged in our conversations with such amazing individuals from so many different countries and backgrounds and hope you are all staying safe and healthy. Even those not selected for publication are extremely appreciated as we found all pieces captivating and worthy of contemplation. Finally, special thanks are due to our new Poetry Editor, Crystal Anderson, whose diligent backstage effort kept us carefully churning through a tremendous pile of quality submissions to find the diamonds in the depths of the gems.

This is a very proud milestone for our publication, one that came with sacrifice often felt by our contributors since our average response time lapsed into the 2-month range. This was partially due to a 2X increase in submissions this period, but ultimately tied to the circumstances of the pandemic we are living through and the myriad of additional challenges it has called on us all to surmount.

Our third issue highlights loss, impermanence, and change which seems a natural contemplation during our pandemic hardships.  Now that our third issue is complete, we’re planning to vacation at the local grocer’s and breath in an aisle ripe with mangos and bananas until transported to a personal tropical island.  Otherwise, I swear we’re about to rub on sunblock and Street View a Hawaiian beach on Google Maps. See you all online again soon, tanning by the light from a computer screen.

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